Sculptra, Danny Vleggaar

February 25, 2013 by

On Saturday I attended what was essentially a re-launch of Sculptra. Sculptra is a facial filler that exerts its effect differently to conventional fillers which mainly just replace volume. The action of Sculptra is to stimulate collagen production. Although there is some initial volume enhancement, the water that goes with the product is soon absorbed and the initial effect lost. Because collagen in the tissues takes time to build up, so the end result takes time to achieve. Add to this the need for Sculptra to be administered over 3 or 4 sessions a few weeks apart, one has to have some faith in the product and clinician. This is not an overnight fix, but certainly would seem to have a place in certain patients and situations.

The address was given by Dr Danny Vleggaar, a very experienced Swiss cosmetic physician. His demonstration of injection technique was useful, but even more interesting was his discussion of facial ageing. The face doesn’t age just because skin gets saggy and wrinkly. Changes occur at all levels – cutaneous tissues, fat, muscle and probably most importantly bony involution. Dr Vleggaar had some good photos and animations of live patients and cadaver dissections to demonstrate this.

It again highlights the need for us clinicians to educate our patients in this regard. Mitigating the effects of ageing can’t be achieved through toxins and skin care alone. It is vital to also address some of the volume changes that occur constantly after the age of about 25. At this stage we can only do this through the careful placement of fillers.

At Sydney Cosmetic Medical Centres we have a range of products to help achieve this.