Customised Skincare Formulations

May 23, 2014 by

Sydney Cosmetic Medical Centres is first and foremost a medical practice. As a result we can design and prescribe skincare treatments that are not available elsewhere. beauty close-up portrait young woman face There are a range of topical applications that can smooth and soften skin, tighten areas of looseness, reduce blotchiness and pigmentation, and even reduce or eradicate solar keratoses. Histological studies have shown the positive changes that occur in the various skin components when these compounds are used over several months. Because care is needed in the design and use of these products they are prescription only medicines. The upside is that the benefits go above and beyond anything available over the counter.

IMG_1438 Most people are unaware that these preparations are available, probably because there is no corporate drive to sell these compounded formulations. However, they are a great adjunct or even alternative to more expensive laser treatments and anti-wrinkle injections.

We are available for consultations for anyone who is interested in discussing the potential benefits of topical prescription skincare preparations.

‘Travelling’ cosmetic doctor

May 2, 2014 by

This morning, out of interest I decided to Google ‘Botox Kellyville’ to see what came up. Interestingly there was a doctor promoting himself through Google Ads who will come to the patient’s home to do anti wrinkle injections, and possibly other treatments.

This approach has never really appealed to me, for several reasons. Firstly, botulinum toxin has to be kept refrigerated, and I’m concerned that it might ‘go off’ sitting in one’s car, possibly leading to a useless product. Then there are the safety issues. Although botulinum toxin is an incredibly safe product, I’d much rather be using it where we are set up with all the medical equipment required should an adverse reaction occur.

Minimally invasive cosmetic procedures may be becoming more commonplace, but they are still medical procedures and should be performed under safe and hygienic conditions. Can this be guaranteed in someone’s lounge room?



Also, by having people come to us they can be properly assessed and entered into our computerised medical system, see the kind of practice we run and also learn about the range of services we provide, and have any treatments performed in a clean, purpose designed environment.